The ethics of biomedical big data / editors Brent Daniel Mittelstadt, Luciano Floridi. - Basel : Springer, cop. 2016. - 480 str. ; graf. prikazi, 25 str. - (Law, governance and technology series ; vol. 29) .

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Sadrži: Strictly biomedical? Sketching the ethics of big data ecosystem in biomedicine / Effy Vayena, Urs Gasser ; Using transactional big data for epidemiological surveillance : Google flu trends and ethical implications of 'infodemiology' / Annika Richterich ; Denmark at a crossroad? Intensified data sourcing in a research radical country / Klaus Hoeyer ; A critical examination of policy-developments in information governance and the biosciences / Edward Hockings ; Many have it wrong : samples do contain personal data : the Data protection regulation as a superior framework to protect donor interests in biobanking and genomic research / Dara Hallinan, Paul De Hert ; What's wrong with the right to genetic privacy : beyond exceptionalism, parochialism and adventitious ethics / Bryce Goodman ; How data are transforming the landscape of biomedical ethics : the need for ELSI metadata on consent / J. Patrick Woolley ; On the compatibility of big data driven research and informed consent : the example of the human brain project / Markus Christen, Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Bogdan Draganski, Tade Spranger, Henrik Walter ; Big data governance : solidarity and the patient voice / Simon Woods ; Premises for clinical genetics data governance : grappling with diverse value logics / Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou, Espen Skorve, Margunn Aanestad ; State responsibility and accountability in managing big data in biobank research : tensions and challenges in the right of access to data / Aaro Tupasela, Sandra Liede ; Big data, small talk : lessons from the ethical practices of interpersonal communication for the management of biomedical big data / Paula Boddington ; Researcher's duty to share pre-publication data : from the prima facie duty to practice / Christoph Schickhardt, Nelson Hosley, Eva C. Winkler ; Reporting and transparency and big data : the nexus of ethics and methodology / Stuart G. Nicholls, Sinéad M. Langan, Eric I. Benchimol ; Creating a culture of ethics in biomedical big data : adapting 'Guidelines for professional practice' to promote ethical use and research practice / Rochelle E. Tractenberg ; The ethics and politics of infrastructures : creating the conditions of possibility for big data in medicine / Linda F. Hogle ; Ethical reuse of data from health care : data, persons and interests / Peter Mills ; The ethics of big data : current and foreseeable issues in biomedical contexts / Brent Daniel Mittelstadt, Luciano Floridi


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